Trading in financial instruments is not suitable for many members of the public. The possibility exists that funds used for such trading in financial instruments sustain a loss of some or all of your investment. It is advisable to carefully consider whether trading in financial instrument(s) is appropriate for you in light of the experience, objectives, financial resources and any other relevant circumstances. You should understand all risks involved with trading in financial instruments and if necessary, seek for an independent advice.

Entering into any transactions in financial instruments is carried out voluntarily and on your own risk. There are high risks involved in trading and profit(s) from trading are not guaranteed whereas the past result(s)/historical performance do not assure/represent the future results.

The risk is high that you can sustain losses/damages to all or some of the capital/monies invested. An investment in any financial instrument carries a high degree of risk and the money that is invested might not remain the same, whereas you undertake the risk of sustaining a loss/damage, whilst, at the same time, the possibility exists that a profit/return can materialize. Trading on the electronic trading system(s) carries a high risk since there is a large exposure to risks associated to the online system, including but not limited to the failure of hardware and/or software. The result of any system failure may be that your request is not executed according to instructions or not executed at all. All transactions effected are at your sole risk and you shall be solely liable under all circumstances. CIBfx will not be held responsible for any delays in transmission, delivery or execution of your request(s) due to malfunctions of communications facilities or other causes.

The market conditions and the operation of the rules of certain markets, trading hours, dealing room hours and so forth, may increase the risk of loss because of the difficulty to effect transactions or liquidate/offset open positions. The Company may be unable to execute your instructions at the requested level. Trading with Financial instruments on margin carries a high level of risk which can work both, to your advantage and disadvantage.

In certain cases, the protections of your money transferred for purposes of trading in financial instruments, may have impact in the event of the specific firm/company going insolvent/bankrupt. The extent to which you may recover money may be governed by specific legislation or local rules. In some jurisdictions, property/money which has been specifically identifiable as your own property/money will be appropriated in the same manner as cash for purposes of distribution in the event of a shortfall.

You understand that commissions, fees and other charges may be applicable, and as such these charges will affect/reduce the profit (if any), or increase the loss. Before trading in financial instruments, you should make yourself aware of all charges for which you will be liable, whether such charges are at predetermined amount or variable.

You understand that the profit or loss for transactions in foreign currency-denominated contracts will be affected by the fluctuations in currency rates when there is a need to convert from the currency denomination of the contract into another currency.

You understand that CIBfx does not guarantee access to the Website and/or any of the products and/or services to be available at all times, or in any given location at any specific time. All transactions effected for your account(s) are at your sole risk and you shall be solely liable under all circumstances. CIBfx will not be held responsible for any delays in transmission, delivery or execution of your request(s) due to malfunctions of communications facilities or other causes.

The Company may, in its reasonable opinion, determine that an emergency or an exceptional market condition exists (a “Force Majeure Event”). A Force Majeure Event shall include, but is not limited to the following – “any act, event or occurrence (including without limitation any strike, riot or commotion, interruption or power supply or electronic or communication equipment failure).

You understand that there is the risk that the financial instruments may be or become the subject to tax and/or any other applicable due amount(s) as per legislation, which will become your responsibility to carry out

Customer Complaints Procedure

Customers who wish to make a complaint can do so by sending an email to support@cibfx.com and the support team will enveour to handle any issues or complaints to the best of their ability within the legal framework of the companies policies. The customer has the option to request an escalation of any complaints to the management of the company by requesting this ONLY once the initial support team has attempted to resolve any issues or complaints. It is the responsibility of the management to review the complain and all relevant correspondence after which will provide a final company statement to the customer regarding its findings and decision. 

The customer has the option to use this statement as the companies final stance if choosing to take the matter to the FSA of St Vincent and the Grenadines.