Energy CFD Trading

Trade CFDs on energies such as Brent oil, WTI and natural gas.

Tight spreads

As part of our Price Transparency Promise, our spreads never change during business hours, so you can know your costs in advance.


Protect yourself and your open trades against uncontrolled losses. A standard feature in the CIBfx web and application platform.


Another condition that is offered as a standard feature on CIBfx accounts ensures that you are protected when trading.

why trade energies?

It is an ideal instrument for day traders looking for quick movements in oil prices. CIBfx offers CFDs on the following energies: WTI and Brent Oil and Natural Gas. 

In addition to energy trading 

  • High volatility – more opportunities for profit
  • Oil trading – the most pro-actively traded commodity worldwide
  • Low margin requirements
  • No overnight financing on oil CFDs
  • No additional costs or trading commission

Factors to consider in energy trading

  • Oil demand: take into account seasonal considerations. 

  • Current supply: and US shale oil production is analyzed. As supply increases, the price should fall.

  • Natural disasters, wars or accidents influence the price of oil and global supply.

  • Most energy products are priced against the dollar, so if you plan to invest in energy, we recommend that you keep a constant eye on the rise and fall of the dollar


¿Qué debo saber antes de hacer trading de CFDs con Criptomonedas?

Antes de invertir en CFDs, de cualquier activo financiero recomendamos tener conocimiento en: los mercados financieros, lectura de gráficas de precios, análisis de datos, conocer las principales noticias y señales económicas del momento

¿Qué criptomonedas ofrece CIBfx?

El portafolio de inversión de CIBfx, cuenta con CFDs de: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin y BitcoinCash

¿El trading de CFDs de criptos se parece al de CFDs de Forex?

La finalidad es la misma, predecir la dirección en que se moverá un activo en un marco de tiempo específico. Sin embargo, son mercados diferentes que dependen de diferentes factores por ende los análisis utilizados para tomar decisiones son distintos.

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