Market Review 17.03.2017:

The US market seems to slightly lose its winning streak after this closing week. It does not mean that the market is losing, but the market is an unpredictable figure churner that such a decline is already expected. Meanwhile, the European Central Bank keeps the current interest rates, which it said would be extended further in time. The program on bond-buying would most likely stay until December.

This week, the focus of this article would be on how to gain a deeper understanding of fixed-income investing. What could be deduced here in case of the bullish market happening in the US? Would it entail a losing side on other financial markets or would it boost the other markets’ upheaval?

Fixed Income Investing – What to make of it?

As an introduction, bonds offer fixed rates of return for a fixed period of time or an extended one, depending on the investor’s choice. Portfolios would mostly consist of bonds and stocks, which would entail the feature of a diversified investment.

What are the rewards from such risks then?

A diversified portfolio really means enough buffer in case other types of investment do not work out. It acts like a leverage that would enable an investor to forecast and see any upcoming upsets and market flow for a better set of decisions to be made.

What should an investor do?


Market Price Recap

Stock Index Closing Change from Last Week % Change
Dow Jones 21, 903.54 897.83 -0.05%
NASDAQ   5, 861.73   -9.02 -0.02%
S&P 500   2, 372.60    10.52 +6.00%
Russell 2000   1, 365.26   -28.87 -0.03%



Others Closing Change from Last Week % Change
Oil        48.43 -.31 -9.20%
Gold 1, 201.40  5.90 +0.49%
EUR/USD           1.0674 -0.0033 -0.31%
USD/JPY      114.78 +1.24 -0.20%


Stock Index Closing Change from Last Week % Change
UK FTSE 100 7, 374.39 31.31 +0.43%
Stoxx Europe 600     374.73   1.51 +0.40%


Stock Index Closing Change from Last Week % Change
Nikkei 225 19, 633.75   29.14 +0.15%
Shanghai Composite   3, 237.02   24.26 +0.76%