Weekly Market Review 4.1.2017

Weekly Market Review 4.1.2017 The holiday season took over the trading week and has seen its slight fall up to the closing week. Therefore, for the current trading week, we would take a look at the year’s highlight of the market economy for 2016. First, let us take a look at the global market news

Weekly Market Review 26.12.2016

Weekly Market Review Dec. 26, 2016 Good record gains have been ticking over the trading week, with the Dow Jones nearing its 20,000th mark. Although it can be seen as a week-per-week improvement on the overall stock market, it should be noted that uncertainty still looms over the market as volatility is high. Policies that would

Weekly Market Review 19.12.2016

Weekly Market Review Dec. 19, 2016 As expected, the US Federal Reserve increased the short term interest, bringing in another 0.25%, resulting in 0.75%, while the stock market resulted in a mixed trade. On a global scale, the USD continues its strength over other currencies. This week would show an in-depth view of what the

Weekly Market Review 14.12.2016

Weekly Market Summary Dec. 14, 2016 This week sees a lot of optimism towards the market as most major economies gained at the end of the week. For the US market, the Trump administration is undeniably pushing an uptick in the market as reflected on Russell 2000, which sets a record high performance index. Again,

Weekly Market Review 2.12.2016

Weekly Market Summary Dec.2, 2016 The pressure is on both the global market and the US Federal Reserves, particularly on how US President Donald Trump could curb long-term decision plans on US fiscal policies. Trade restrictions are one of Trump’s restrictions, and curbing the outsourcing of jobs to Asian countries could post effects on how

Weekly Market Review 18.11.2016

Weekly Market Review 18.11.2016   The US stock continued the optimistic outlook after the election saga and Trump’s win. After last week’s Joint Committee meeting of US Federal Reserve Board Chairman Janet Yellen with the US Congress, she said that the federal rate hike might happen anytime soon. She also reiterated that Trump’s upcoming presidency

Market Summary 11.11.2016

Trump’s win in the US National Election was unprecedented, and it had a huge repercussion on the global market, especially for the US market. Too much pessimism erupted from the last two weeks of trading due to uncertainties about the election. But this week saw a rally in the market itself as most indices closed

Weekly Markets Summary 04.11.2016

This week’s trading trended low, mostly because of the looming election in the United States next week, particularly on November 8. However, this does not apply to the US-based market on the global scale as a whole. This is attributed to the result of the OPEC meeting where disagreements brought up a lot of negative

Weekly Markets Summary 28.10.2016

Weekly Markets Summary 28.10.2016 Friday closes the stock market at a low, given the nearing election on November 8 and other declining issues. These resulted in a mixed market overview. Adding to the fact is FBI’s announcement of again investigating Hilary Clinton’s emails. This ups the market’s unsure stance on the current politics. It is