Weekly Market Forecast 4.1.2017

Weekly Market Forecast 4.1.2017 The closing week for the market seems to imbibe better performing figures for the year 2017. The European market is slowly gaining while the Asian market is doing its best to strengthen its currency and economic activities. As for the US market, Trump’s presidency would be in for a full scrutiny

Weekly Market Forecast 26.12.2016

Weekly Market Forecast 26.12.2016 The market would be closed this coming Monday for the holidays, but the Trump effect could already be seen on the US stock market’s performance in the trading market over the past eight weeks. Currently, Dow Jones, mostly composed of large cap stocks, could be pushing to the 20,000th level in

Weekly Market Forecast 20.12.2016

Weekly Markets Forecast 20.12.2016 The short-term interest rate has been increased by the US Federal Reserve last Tuesday, which has resulted in a record high for the US stock indexes. Furthermore, the US Fed is also planning a three-part hike on the rate for the year 2017. It is quite remarkable that the US economy

Weekly Market Forecast 12.12.2016

Market Forecast 12.12.2016 US Stocks took gains in the closing week, as the Trump presidency somewhat manages to deliver positive results in the market. After an agreement among members and non-members of OPEC to cut oil production, the price for oil products continually reaches an uptick for the past few weeks. The coming week is

Markets Forecast 13.11.2016

Republican candidate Donald Trump’s win had been negatively received by many Americans while the US market recovered surprisingly at the end of the November 7 – 11 trading week. His proposals on taking back outsourced manufacturing jobs to US soil was a clear indicator of rising infrastructure. This would trigger a boost in economic spending.

Markets Forecast 4.11.2016

The October 31 to November 4 trading days observe the USA Elections effect on all markets. Mostly closing in a negative change, FX, commodities, indices, stocks and currencies all face uncertainty due to the risk-averse behavior of investors and the general market. As a weekly recap for the global market event, the Federal Reserve hints