Weekly Market Forecast 15.03.2017

Market Forecast 15.03.2017 After a slight disruption in a straight winning streak of the US stocks last week, the economic report and labor market are still promising and optimistic. Rates would be released this week, and here is a takedown of what would transpire this coming week. US Reports: The real deal would be whether

Weekly Market Forecast 7.3.2017

Market Forecast 7.3.2017 With most global markets gaining during the last few weeks, the markets releasing economic data seem to benefit from positive figures. Aside from that, monetary policies were implemented to curb any movement in inflation and equity investment uncertainties. Global Rate Decisions: The European Central Bank would release its rate decision this coming

Weekly Market Forecast 28.2.2017

Market forecast 28.2.2017 For the week of 27 February, the Euro and US Dollar are both attempting to recover as it attempts an upward trend.  However, a downward trend is expected, and a flat trajectory is seen as momentum remains neutral. The US dollar, however, closed last week moving up slightly a notch higher, so

Weekly Market Forecast 21.2.2017

Market Forecast: Last week’s market performance was a mix of an optimistic US economy against the gloomy Asian and European markets. A lot of economic issues were setting a volatile market for most equity investments despite their advancing figures brought about by improvements in the US economy. The Greek bailout is yet to be confirmed,

Weekly Market Forecast 14.2.2017

Market Forecast 14.02.2017: The US stocks closed on a positive note last trading week, as investors were more optimistic about President Donald Trump’s pro-business monetary policy plans. The European market slightly improves while the ECB keeps on tracking the effect of the policies in place. The Asian market had a mixed trading week where Japan

Weekly Market Forecast 8.2.2017

Market Forecast 08.02.2017 Here is what to expect this coming trading week. Earning season reports are already laid out with incoming reports from Disney, Coca-Cola, and General Motors. BNP Paribas and Commerzbank would also provide interest data this coming week. The agreement on the production cut by OPEC would be cleared this week by the

Weekly Market Forecast 31.1.2017

Market Forecast 31.01.2017 Dow Jones reached the 20,000 mark last week and the US economy is significantly showing an impressive upscale streak. However, reservations should still be held as the effects of the fiscal and economic policies that US President Donald Trump would implement have yet to be seen. So far, the tariff agreement and

Weekly Market Forecast 24.1.2017

Market Forecast 24.1.2017 The closing prices for the US stocks during the last trading week is followed by a big week for US history as Donald Trump was formally inaugurated as the 45th President of the country. His Presidency would start with a lot of debacles in the global market as many affected parties would

Weekly Market Forecast 20.1.2017

Markets Forecast 20.01.2017 While Donald Trump’s inauguration is nearing, the global market is awaiting how he would enact his policies over his promises to lower tax rates and increase infrastructure spending. However, during his first press conference, the lack of mention of fiscal stimulus on the USA left many businesses and analysts questioning how his

Weekly Market Forecast 11.1.2017

Weekly Market Forecast 11.1.2017  After a positive close last week for major stock markets, except for the Nikkei and the Chinese stock market, here is an outlook of what is coming for the January 9 -13, 2016 trading. US Reports Oil prices are now increasing after the OPEC’s agreement to cut production. This coming Wednesday,