Change of Margin Requirements During EU Referendum

Dear Traders,

The upcoming United Kingdom European Union membership referendum on June 23 is expected to cause significant volatility in the market. While presenting you with enough trading opportunities, this event could also leave many traders exposed to large losses.

In order to protect our clients from significant market movements in the build-up to, and during, the referendum, we will be lowering the maximum available leverage for instruments likely to be affected the most.

The new margin requirements will take effect after market close on June 17, 2016, and will last until market closing on June 24, 2016.

Please note that open positions will also be affected. In order to avoid possible margin calls and/or stop outs, you may required to close some of your positions or deposit additional funds to increase your account equity.

New margin requirements will be as follows:

  •   All GBP Crosses* 4% (1:25)
  •   European Indices (Spot & Futures)* will be increased to 5% (1:20)
  •   European Shares* will be increased to 15% (1:6.66)


*Unless existing margin requirement is higher, in which case existing margin requirement will prevail.

Margin requirements for all other instruments will not be affected.

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CIB FX Support 

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