Republican candidate Donald Trump’s win had been negatively received by many Americans while the US market recovered surprisingly at the end of the November 7 – 11 trading week. His proposals on taking back outsourced manufacturing jobs to US soil was a clear indicator of rising infrastructure. This would trigger a boost in economic spending. He wanted to propose lower tax rates and reduce red tape in the government, both of which agree with the business market. This closes the market on a positive note.

This Upcoming Week

  • Japan’s Q3 GDP Report – Mondaywith a predicted rate of 0.2 percent, Japan would like to continue the expansion of its economy. Investment activities still continue, especially in capital investments by major corporations.
  • US October Retail Sales – Mondayit is expected to continue its 0.6 percent increase due to continuous consumer support to keep the economy growing.
  • Inventories for US Crude Oil – On Wednesday, there was an influx of 1.5 percent higher rate for crude oil supplied, tantamount to 20.1 million barrels per day on the average of the last four weeks. This is mainly due to refineries increasing their capacities for operation; thus, providing more in oil production.
  • US Producer Price Index – Wednesday – For the month of October, it is expected that a 0.3% increase would be reflected in the report. Inflation is on the rise because of increasing costs in the production of energy products.
  • Federal Reserve on Joint Economic Committee – Thursday- Chairperson Janet Yellen would have to take a stand as she would either unveil a very possible interest hike this coming December or likely wait it out. She was criticized by Trump over her resistance to hike the interest rate during the past election campaign. However, she still stands by the idea that politics will in no way intrude on the monetary policy they are pushing.
  • US Various Reports – On Thursday, the US Building Permits expected that the registered numbers for the month of October would be approximately at 1.19 million compared to actual units of 1.225 million for September. On the same day, US Inflation data would be released as well, with an expected increase of 0.4% for consumer price index. The core Consumer Price Index would increase by 0.2%. This is expected despite shelter and energy prices taking a hike. This in turn, is a good indication of Federal Reserve’s target because Consumer Prices increased rapidly over the past five months at 0.3%. Then US Unemployment Claims report could signify a positive reading. Unemployment benefits claimed is dramatically falling. This means that the labor market is able to offer more jobs. The adjusted number for claims of being jobless for this week is at an estimated number of 257,000 maximum.
  • UK Reports – On Tuesday, inflation figures for the month of October is expected to continue its increasing trend by 1.1%. This is the highest in almost two years. Moreover, the value of the pound is losing, thus imports would be getting more expensive. On the other hand, it would increase tourism in the country. On Thursday, unemployment data is expected to hike by 1,900.
  • Australian Reports – the country’s increase in many part -time jobs will trigger the increase of an unemployment rate by 5.7%.
  • Various – European Central Bank President Mario Draghli would be meeting his members regarding their plans on the extension of bond-purchase programs which would entail volatility in the market. This meeting was triggered by Trump’s win in the recent elections. It would be held on December 8 in Frankfurt and Rome. The German GDP report would be on a positive note (increase of 0.3%) to continue its five- year growth because of increased consumption within households and employment sectors.