Weekly Market Review 17.3.2017

Market Review 17.03.2017: The US market seems to slightly lose its winning streak after this closing week. It does not mean that the market is losing, but the market is an unpredictable figure churner that such a decline is already expected. Meanwhile, the European Central Bank keeps the current interest rates, which it said would

Weekly Market Review 10.3.2017

Market Summary 10.03.2017 This weekly recap would be on a different side of the narrative compared to past articles. This week, it would be focused more on the things an investor should really know and consider. For a quick recap on the highlight during the past trading week, US stocks still continue its record high

Weekly Market Review 3.3.2017

Market review 3.3.2017 Amidst the alleged plans of the Trump administration of interest rate hikes fairly soon, the delay of its implementation has the U.S. dollar hitting a low.  United States Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin announced last week that the Trump administration will implement a small percentage of the promised economic reforms, and the

Market Summary 11.11.2016

Trump’s win in the US National Election was unprecedented, and it had a huge repercussion on the global market, especially for the US market. Too much pessimism erupted from the last two weeks of trading due to uncertainties about the election. But this week saw a rally in the market itself as most indices closed